The Cast

I’m currently not on speaking terms with my imaginary friends (long story), instead, I’ll be blogging about this crew. Sadly, you’ll be deprived of their cuteness as the boyfriend is ixnaying photos. I think that’s upidStay (it’s OK, he doesn’t speak Pig Latin, write what you want!).

MaineGuy – Daddy of 2. 40 years wise, Merchant Marine, and my Man from Maine. Loves his kiddies, trap shooting, playing the drums, whoopie pies, and sushi.

MaineBoy- Son of MaineGuy. 9yo funny man. Loves to travel, write, swim and ski. Never has room in his belly for veggies, yet always manages to find room for candy.

MaineGirl – Daughter of MaineGuy. 8yo ‘Wise beyond her years’ kind of girl. Adores her Daddy, gymnastics, the color pink, toe socks, skiing, and uncooked batter.

Molly Michaels – Girlfriend of MaineGuy, and more… really. Loves thinking about working out one of these days (this counts as half a workout), iced coffee, writing, cooking, and learning.


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